small spaces, grand places

While I have been in Paris for nearly three weeks (I still can’t believe how quickly time is flying by!), I unfortunately have not found the time to even begin this blog. Let me start off my explaining that almost the entire first week or so was dedicated to getting settled in; finding an apartment, registering for classes and of course eating as much bread and cheese as I could within seven days. Once the said “apartment” was found, which at a palatial 9 square meters was quite the squeeze, I had the issue of acquiring internet. But now I have internet, a luxury which I will never take for granted again and the blogging will begin!

As I said before, I’m living in a teensy space that from now on I will dub as “cozy” but it is in a wonderful neighborhood and luckily within walking distance from school. The view out my window is everything I imagined it to be and I am so close to a ton of beautiful landmarks.

Le View

My first impression of Paris? I’m in absolute awe of how gorgeous everything here is! The buildings, the people, the food, I can’t help but gawk at everything. It truly seems to be a city that admires beauty, I think the abundance of florists are proof enough.

With my Circulation map book of Paris glued to my hand I spent my first few days wandering and getting lost, then finding my way back home. One of the wonderful things about getting to know this city is that just when you begin to freak out about being lost, you turn the corner to find an adorable boulangerie with amazing looking pastries, or if you’re lucky, the Eiffel Tower which also served as my North Star for awhile.


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